William E. Young Company has a sales force that:

  • Has almost 75 years combined sales experience in providing solutions to our customers for their measurement needs.
  • Supplies products from leading industrial manufacturers, such as: Brooks Instruments, Rosemount Inc, Cameron Measurement Products and ChemTec Equipment giving our customers the BEST in equipment and service.
  • Handles the customers’ needs from the quotation all the way through the delivery, start-up and training when required.
  • Believes in a fast, prompt response to all their customers’ needs.
  • Supplies full service capabilities with an in-house shop for meter repair and rebuilding. The company has a complete local stock of parts and accessories.
  • Our sales force also supplies full field repair service.

Customer Service

Everyone at William E. Young Company believes that “If you don’t take care of customer, someone else will”. We are dedicated to supplying the highest level of service possible to our customers. Whether it’s expediting an order, processing a factory repair, or starting up a project, our aim is quality. Excellent customer service is an added “boon” to both customers and our Principals alike.


William “Bill” Young, who first represented Bowser Metering Systems, founded our company in 1950. In the late 1960’s, the company took on Rockwell Industrial Metering Division that evolved into Brooks Instrument Division in the early 1970’s.

In 1973, Jack Young was brought into the company to help out his father part time while he attended the University of Minnesota. In 1974, Jack became a full time salesman for the company. When Bill passed away in 1990, Jack Young and his wife, Lynn, took on the running of the company. Throughout the years the company has built a quality reputation as a supplier of flow measurement, level, and pressure instrumentation.

Throughout the years the company has built a quality reputation as a supplier of flow measurement, level, and pressure instrumentation. Karl Simer joined our ranks in December 2005 and Ben Phelps in November 2015.

Geographical Coverage

William E. Young Company currently has a sales and support location in St. Paul, Minnesota. Territory maps can be supplied upon request. The states covered are Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.


Our strength is a combined expertise in technical and service areas, producing quality results over the past 50 years. William E. Young Company provides outstanding support in all areas: Sales, service (start-up, troubleshooting, and repair), and information.

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